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At Motto, the use of technology takes precedence at all avenues to ensure the production of the most cutting-edge modern day surfaces. For the manufacturing of all our products, we have invested in a whole line of advanced technology and imported machines to keep our quality standards above par. We have several technological partnerships with foreign companies, which allows us to manufacture surfaces of international standards and please our customers world over.

Sintered Stone

Motto’s innovation excellence and technological prowess has helped unveil this extraordinary future surface called SINTERED STONE. It perfects the blend of man-made processes with natural minerals to create a surface, which is mechanically superior in every way.
To not only mimic natural stone designs and patterns, but also go above and beyond them with our Sintered Stone collection, an innovative Italian technology has been adopted. Sintered Stone is a direct replacement of granite, marble, corian and quartz surfaces


  • 800X2400 mm (15 mm)
  • 800X2600 mm (15 mm)
  • 800X3000 mm (15 mm)

Slab Tiles

For the production of our slab offerings, we utilize advanced technology such as SYSTEM Ceramics’ press, CMF Technology and Creadigit digital press for outstanding results. The use of modern technology has boosted our daily production capacity to 13,000 sq. mts. The diverse portfolio of finishes we offer are Hi-Gloss, Matt, Metallic, Carving and Satin.

The LAMGEA press we use in our slab production has an unconfined bed press of 2700×1800 mm. This allows us to obtain the desired size of the slab after the green cutting stage.



For production of our GVT & PGVT range of tiles, we have incorporated Italian technology for superior production. We have installed several kilns and presses procured from Italy. We also have a digital printing machine and a state-of-the-art polishing line with 64 polishing heads. We can produce 9000 sq. mts. of tiles per day in varied finishes such as Glossy, Matt, Metallic and Carving. Tickness of 9 mm and 20 mm.


  • 600X1200 mm
  • 600X600 mm
  • 600X1200 mm
  • 600X900 mm
  • 800X800 mm
  • 195X1200 mm

Digital Wall Tiles

We are also one of the most popular manufacturers of Digital Wall Tiles thanks to our adoption of Italian technology. We have a digital printer from Spain’s EFI Creata and Italian kilns and presses. We are capable of producing 45,000 sq. mts. of tiles every day and our versatile production supports finishes such as Super White, Glossy, Matt, Reactive, Glue, Elevate Poster Series, Floor Poster Series, Digital Decore, Decore, Sugar and Special Effect.


  • 300×300 mm
  • 300×450 mm
  • 300×600 mm
  • 300×900 mm

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